ADVISOR | Business strategies & digital innovation

Business strategies & digital innovation

Teacher in economics and online business at IeFP Institutes

Ex-Manager – Sales & Mktg – Moneynet | Nexi group, Sky Italia

Graduated in Economics and Commerce; He has over 25 years of professional experience in modernly structured multinational and national business contexts and leaders in the Media Company and Payment Institution sectors.

He mainly dealt with organizational start-ups, innovative businesses and the management of sales processes; he managed direct and indirect sales networks and, as part of HR development, followed training and coaching projects and carried out both Off-line and On-line Marketing projects.

Today he carries out managerial activities in the various disciplines of strategic business areas that include interventions not only of an organizational, commercial, legal and administrative nature but also of coaching for Entrepreneurs, Managers, Startuppers engaged in the realization of innovative technological projects and in the Digital transformation supporting them, in particular, in the approach to the use of modern technologies and payment, IT and e-marketing tools.

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