Passion, Dedication and Expertise

Ibanway’s founders are proven professionals, with transversal and complementary knowledge, competent and experienced in different fields – from e-payments and Information Communication Technology to money security and large-scale retail trade (GDO). They are all innovative, ground-breaking people and most importantly… they are technology enthusiasts!

Working at Ibanway means something special to us .

IBANWAY never loses focus of the importance of our employees and the special value they bring to our customers. It’s thanks to our team of professionals, who are constantly on the job, that we can provide specific answers to questions pertaining to the company’s various areas of activity.

We work with specialists from a multitude of sectors and our professionals have all mastered soft skills such as communication skills, listening, flexibility, problem solving, and product and process innovation which is how our customers can always count on reliable and efficient service and assistance.

What’s more, some of them are certified Innovation managers according to the recent ISO11814:2021 standards

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