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Fintech’ means financial innovation born out of technological innovation that leads to the creation of new business models, processes or products, and also new players in the market. 

Our entire technological industrial activity relies on Open Banking, an open data banking system in which financial information is exchanged, prior to clients’ (user or company) consent, with banks and external companies, aka third parties (TPPs), to develop groundbreaking services and products.

Practically, PSD2 legislation forced banks and traditional banking systems to open their application programming interfaces (APIs) to third-party developers (TPPs): APIs can store and access data needed for transactions and developing new services and products.

Authorised third parties can then access bank account balances, spending details, incomings and outgoings in order to improve the customer experience. Consent should always be given to processing personal data in accordance with the GDPR.

The future of finance has a digital DNA

Evidence of the veracity of this statement is the gargantuan change that has been sweeping the world of banking, financial and insurance services in recent years. All-pervadig digital technologies are transforming the world of finance in such a way that makes it impossible not to talk about Fintech. Fintech is a world not limited to banking alone, but is made up of different players and protagonists.

Expanded competition, Open Banking, APIs, Startups, Roboadvisor, Wallet, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, process automation, all pieces of a rich and intricate mosaic.

The term Fintech comes from the combination of the words  Finance (Fin) and Technology (Tech), chosen to highlight the two busniness’ strong roots. The broadest meaning of the term refers to any use of digital tools used in finance.

Specifically, we often hear of Fintech-Fin startups and Fintech-Tech startups: the former are those who focus on one or more financial services and try to optimize them through

digital tools, while the latter have a diametrically opposite process in that they start from the development of a specific technology that is then applied to the financial sector.

Marketplace & Solutions

The financial eco-system of new, innovative services enabled us to verticalise our business for different B2BB2C and B2B2C markets.

Solutions for Banks

IBANWAY provides the most advanced technologies to support Banks to innovate in order to care for their customers even better!

Solutions for GDO & Retail

IBANWAY offers innovative services and PSD2-compliant open banking solutions to support retail operators in the processes of innovation, customer retention and market presence!

Solutions for Companies

IBANWAY provides an advanced digital platform for centralised, integrated omnichannel payment management, designed for retailers and sales networks!

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