Meraki means innovating with passion

The Greek language has an extraordinary word to describe an approach to doing things with passion, throwing yourself headfirst into it: meraki.
This is a word that is often use to describe doing something mindfully, creatively and with love when you put ‘your whole self’ into what you are doing, whatever it is.
It describes how you can perform simple everyday tasks such as cooking or preparing a meal, but it can also refer to devoting oneself to more complex tasks such as taking up a difficult challenge, working out or setting a concrete goal.How can the ‘meraki’ philosopy help us innovate?

The allure of the challenge built around the realisation of an innovative project is immediately countered by the difficulties and failures that accompany every project, from its conception to its development.
Sport, everyday life and our happiest experiences remind us how motivations, emotions but also the release of hormones and neurotransmitters regulate and influence our choices and course of actions (cf. Patrick Renvoise), playing a key role in the achievement of our goals. Let us not forget that the real challenge of change starts with the ability to change ourselves first.Therefore, starting from our passion, our will and aknowledging our self-denial are the first steps to take in order to innovate. Throwing ourselves into it completely, with the right dose of concentration, passion and sacrifice, all pivotal factors to win any challenge and reframe the way we think about change (it is scientifically proven that our brain is programmed to resist change).A meraki approach will keep us grounded in difficult moments, help us gradually get used to change, offer us a way to break down complex problems (Kaizen philosophy) and eventually lead us towards the achievement of any goal.
Ours is Fintech\Meraki: men and women, techonlogy, passion, innovation, finance, education…Ibanway.

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