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IBANWAY S.r.l. | Startup Innovativa Fintech
Sede Legale: Via Bagutta, 13 | 20121 Milano (MI)
Sede Operativa: Via Nino Savarese, 8 | 90147 Palermo (PA)
Partita IVA e C.F. 12220480961 | Numero REA MI-2647288
Capitale Sociale Euro 250.000
Indirizzo PEC:

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The IBANWAY ecosystem includes highly innovative services designed to create retail and finance solutions to satisfy the ever-evolving needs of consumers.

Through an open platform and a modular approach, IBANWAY enables new business, service models and new partnerships to create unique value and pioneering products.

IBANWAY’s offer has three main subdivisions, each of which is powered by the experience and peculiarities of the constituents of its systems and, needless to say, the partners involved: open payments, open finance and innovation

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