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Our Principles

IBANWAY has three fundamental responsibilities towards their customers, users and everyone working in the company.

The three key values match precisely the principles all people are expected to identify with in carrying out their job.

Value Creation

This is the duty we owe to our Stakeholders. Each of us has a responsibility to contribute to the development of the business and therefore to apply and share our knowledge and know-how. All decisions and actions must work towards the goal of increasing the value of the weaker or disadvantaged Stakeholders. The creation of value is understood and measured as the improvement of the quality of life of our Stakeholders.

User Satisfaction with Our Services

This is the duty we owe to those who purchase any service, whatever it may be, provided by IBANWAY.


Customer satisfaction requires a constant commitment to quality, innovation and the most effective service. This implies not only a responsiveness of the services provided to the current needs of those who use them, but also a focus on the anticipation of future needs.

Valuing and Respecting People

This is the duty we have towards those who work in IBANWAY.


IBANWAY strives to ensure that its employees and partners’ are always afforded the best conditions in which  to express their potential, skills and intelligence.


Behaviour at IBANWAY is based on full respect for the dignity of the individual. IBANWAY prohibits any discrimination based on race, gender, age, religion or political conviction, and ensures fairness in management, recognising merit in work performance and professional potential as the determining criteria for salary and career development.

Transparent behaviour and open, ongoing communication are key to increasing the engagement and motivation of IBANWAY employees.

Value creation, user satisfaction, and valuing and respecting people are the three core values that must guide our conduct. These draw strength from a broader and more distinctive value that they combine to foster: the pride of being involved in IBANWAY.

For an individual or partner to be – and feel – part of the Team, the Company’s distinctive identity needs to be recognisable and recognised.

Promoting and enhancing the interdependencies and complementarities offered by employees is a fundamental factor of development and competitiveness.

IBANWAY exists not only when those who work there can identify with it, but when it works determinedly, methodically and continuously to maximise its opportunities for growth.

Alongside these values and working in synergy with them are some guiding principles that form the reference system for IBANWAY’s policies and for the behaviour of its people.

Integrity and Rigour

All involved should conduct themselves, in their work activities and in their relations both inside and outside the Company, with the highest standards of transparency, frankness and fairness. All dealings need to be in full compliance with the Code of Ethics that the Company has created for itself referring to this in its entirety.

In conducting business, integrity and rigour also imply a firm adherence to the duty of pursuing value growth for the organisation, in accordance with the demands of the social context.

IBANWAY people, strengthened by their sense of belonging to a greater body, are able to fully integrate themselves wherever they are called upon to operate.

The Systematic Pursuit of Self-Evaluation

In their commitment to value creation and customer satisfaction, IBANWAY adopts as praxis a continuous, systematic and organised evaluation, judging ourselves against with the best possible performance, in each area of activity.

This requires an ability on the part of everyone to consistently question themselves, to actively seek out new information, to pick up on signals, to understand trend lines, to anticipate discontinuities. Furthermore it needs a willingness to learn and accept new challenges, an attitude that is antithetical to any complacency or arrogance. It also implies a full preparedness to express and listen to diverse opinions and points of view.

The Will to Stimulate and Reward Widespread Proactivity

IBANWAY works to nurture, throughout all its departments, a positive and receptive attitude towards anyone bringing proposals of innovation and forward thinking. The Company intends to recognise those who are committed to change, those who work with generosity, those who know how to take risks using mistakes, as will inevitably occur in times of change, as an opportunity for learning and improvement.

A Passion for Professional Skills

This means that each person working in the Company adds to the sum of its collective skill. The Company invests in maintaining and growing such contributions, ensuring that passion for what we do is rewarded.

Swiftness and Determination in Decision Making and Implementation

Speed in seizing opportunities and the ability to anticipate customers’ needs are essential resources for a Company’s competitiveness.

The decision-making process must always be characterised by principles of simplicity, delegation, and responsibility, and must include the systematic and timely verification of the results obtained.

To this end, the Company has a slimline management structure.

A desire to push ourselves to the limit with a view to achieving ever more as a team means looking beyond individual goals and working with generosity. We push ourselves in the service of the team, of the collective, in the sense of always giving more than we receive. We share our time, listening, passion and the desire to face and overcome obstacles to strengthen the competitiveness of the Company in its daily work.

These are the distinctive values in which we recognise ourselves and in which the identity of IBANWAY is recognised wherever it operates.

They are the values on which IBANWAY policies are based, understood as the set of transparent and consistent rules that is the foundation on which the autonomous business initiative is developed in a framework of common belonging.

These are values to which we must remain consistent in all our actions, in all our behaviour, in all our relationships inside and outside the organisation.

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