Brand identity

The history of the Brand

Fintech” means financial innovation born out of technological innovation that leads to the creation of new business models, processes or products, and also new players in the market.

Technology implementation is key to make financial innovation possible. Technological innovation and financial intermediation are inextricably interwined, and such close relationship is the topic of many discussion taking place in international public and private forums, with a particular focus on the impact technology is having on financial systems internationally.

The technology-driven changes taking place in financial services markets have a far deeper and broader political-strategic scope than a mere reshaping of specialised economic structures (markets and financial intermediaries, primarily) as we know them today.

This prompted the idea of a new business project, drawing on expertise and professional experience in digital payment, digital finance, large retailers, insurance companies, and multi-utility companies, completely based on the new tool IBAN (International Bank Account Network).

The Central Role of the IBAN

Central to our choice is the role of the IBAN, the way to new services and value-added information.

As for the name, here are some simple basic steps that were taken in order to avoid any mistakes:

  • we performed a thorough analysis and research, tossed around a few ideas and verified that no similar brands already exist, mainly in the same industry
  • we looked for an original, striking name that would stick in the mind of potential users. Shunned banality.
  • At the same time, however, we defined the brand identity using a simple, punchy and easy-to-grasp word.
  • we wrote down a few words relating to the brand, synonyms, antonyms, puns, mental associations, even tried some semantics exercises to find the right combination.

We aim for simplicity:

  • we avoided impenentrable pictures, or pictures containing lots of colours or different fonts but instead opted for iconic images, 2 or 3 colours and one font.
  • The logo must be adaptable to any situation. Whether it is printed on the company’s plaque, shrunk down to a minimum in the reduced header of the website or printed in black and white on letterhead it must still maintain its identity and recognizability.
  • Attention was paid to the choice of colours. Each colour, in fact, transmits certain stimuli to our brain, and can therefore evoke different emotions or perceptions and associations of ideas.
  • When defining a company’s brand identity, one must imagine what emotions the brand wants to conjure up. “Try to use the colour whose meaning comes closest to the perception you want to give of the brand.”

The IBANWAY logo consists of two parts:

On the figurative side is a monochrome symbol with a circular pictogram containing the brand name’ initials ‘IW’.; The logo is a circle that symbolises eternity as it has no beginning or end. Hence, the logo emphasises the diversity of the company’s services. Besides, one of the common meanings of the circle is movement, perfectly reflecting the brand name. This part is red to highlight its technological and innovative nature. Behind the psychology of round shapes (circles, ovals, ellipses)lays the idea that the universe is a closed circle. It has no beginning and no end. Every eternal and spiritual being relate to the circle. Sun, moon, earth, galaxy, universe. Circles are both complete and free.


Each circle represents:

  • Wholeness
  • Love
  • Flow
  • eternity
  • Protection
  • intellectualism
  • Femininity (curves depict femininity)
  • Secrecy (they preserve what’s within)

Its textual component features a sans serif font (EfromBlack). The text uses the graphic editing of the lettering/font used, modifying the ‘n’ by ‘tying’ it to the letter ‘a’, hence reducing the length of the name ‘ibanway’, which gives the brand its uniqueness.

Social Colours / Colour Palette:

Blue is by far and large the most loved colour as it symbolises calmness, honesty, trust and stability. No wonder it is frequently used by technology companies, insurance companies that process data and the financial/banking sector.

Red is instead energetic, increases your hear rate and tends to be used in the food industry, marketing, catering, commerce.

|RGB / R 43 / G  46 / B 74 | CMYK / C  94 / M 81 / Y 23 / K 61 | #2B2E4A

| RGB / R 226 / G  30 / B  36 | CMYK / C 100 / M 100 / Y 100 / K 0 | #E31E24

| RGB / R 226 / G  30 / B  36 | CMYK / C 100 / M 100 / Y 100 / K 0 | #903749

| RGB / CMYK / C  / M  / Y  / K | #53354A

Clear Space

Clear Space

The logo as a proportional element I take the ‘circle’.

Distances must be maintained as shown in the design to ensure the poignancy of the logo itself and its legibility next to other signs.



The logo has been designed to be clearly legible both in digital and in print.

Please keep in mind the minimum size indicated.

In minimal editions, we suggest using the logo in the simplified version, without the payoff.

Reproducing the brand name

Reproducing the brand name

The brand features a monochrome ‘pierced’ version that comes in plain colours- black, white and grey.

It can also be tone-on-tone, also a two-tone version can be applied to digital media.

There’s a version without the ‘IW’ logo than can be used according to graphical usage requirements.

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