Delivering to people and businesses. For decades.

We are an innovative start-up company with a team of people with decades of experience in corporate and personal financial services.


A brand-new business model

Fintech” means financial innovation born out of technological innovation that leads to the creation of new business models, processes or products, and also new players in the market.


Meraki, innovating with passion.

In other words, meraki means throwing yourself headfirst into what you do, sparing no effort, taking up challenges and working hard on new projects.


Reliable, innovative, different.

PSD2 Compliant

We focus on e-payment services with an emphasis on "Transfers and Payments" and " Tools & Operations".


We use the latest technologies and tap into the potential of APIs to facilitate dialogue between banks and TPPs while guaranteeing maximum security, service performance and the best user experience.

Market Oriented

Our commercial strategies are strongly oriented towards retail, in particular Large Scale Retailing and fabric of SMEs.



August 31, 2022

Banca Popolare Sant’Angelo e la Konvergence srl entrano nel capitale sociale di Ibanway, startup innovativa Fintech con sede a Milano, specializzata nel settore dei pagamenti digitali e dei servizi Vas nel settore consumer, retail e della Gdo.
L’assemblea dei soci ha deliberato l’aumento del suo capitale sociale da 120.000 a 250.000 euro che è stato in parte sottoscritto dai nuovi due nuovi soci.

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